The United Kingdom Embassy Office of academic affairs make a speech in Ningbo University

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On November 8, the Research Academy of Grand Health of Ningbo University invited scholars of the United Kingdom Embassy Office of academic affairs to a lecture. Sport school of all graduate students, some undergraduate students and coaches had participated in the seminar.

First of all, Dr Mitchell from Leeds Beckett University, she used an example to introduce the sports performance and influencing factors of obesity and health analysis with badminton player Lin Dan and obese office worker, and made a number of specific recommendations based on analysis. Next Joe from Coventry University, he was used sports nutrition to introduce the different functions and types of sports drinks, and interact with students, let everyone group use of sugar, salt and juice and water respectively, and invited teacher to taste its own sports drink and made a evaluation.

Two scholars also introduced environment, location, student life and career and other aspects of Leeds Beckett University and Coventry University, during the meeting, Students are also presented issues related to studying abroad and preparation, both sides exchange a warm atmosphere.

Teachers from Staffordshire University explained the new model of health and related research in based on high-intensity interval training as a starting point, and according to the study results provide some constructive advice and guidance to need. Meanwhile, they also talk us some information about Staffordshire University.

Cardiff Metropolitan University a Professor carried his students tell us about the school’s location, school environment, social activities and other related information, and focus on the Cardiff Sport School of professional and mentors. They answered students’s questions as well as. Teachers and students has a positive interaction, and gain enthusiastic response.


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