The Opening ceremony of the Research Academy of Grand Health was held at Ningbo University

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On 22 October 2016, the Opening ceremony of the Research Academy of Grand Health was held at Ningbo University. The president of Ningbo University Prof Hanghong Shen said the establishment of Research Academy of Grand Health (RAGH) is the requirement of developing health and life related research in Ningbo University, which agrees with the growth trend of Great Health in China, as well as speeding the transformation of Ningbo University towards a research based university. The plague of RIGH was unveiled together by Prof Manhong Shen and Xiaolong Liang Director of Culture Development Centre of State Sport General Administration of China. Then Prof Jianshe Li president of RIGH signed the laboratory build agreement with ANTA Inc as well as NingBo Loctek Ergonomic Technology Corp and Prof Huping Cong on behalf of Faculty of Sports Science Ningbo University signed Comprehensive Cooperation Framework Agreement with Zhejiang College of Sports and Ningbo Tengri Sports Culture Corp.

The strategy of “Health China” has been putting forward under 18 the fifth plenary session. “Grand Health” here as a typical discipline, depends on the two preponderant disciplines in Ningbo University i.e. Human Movement Science and Medical Science. The Research Academy of Grand Health (RAGH) focus on health Industry and Health management, for example, from an analysis of a simple human movement to a finite element model of sports instrument that related human movement or health improvement are concerned. Besides, Research Academy of Grand Health offers MSc in Human Movement Science, joint PhD degree in Sports Science cooperated with University of West Scotland and joint PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering cooperated with the University of Auckland. RAGH also has established the comprehensive cooperation with ANTA Sports Performance & Equipment Lab., Loctek Ergonomic Technology & Research Lab. and the related laboratories from school of Physical Education, Physiological Education and Medical Science in Ningbo University.


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