The academic the Research Academy of Grand Health at April 2018

By  Cai Laisi    On  2018/06/26  In  Research & News    浏览人数: 次

In May 2018, two academic salons of the Great Health Research Institute hosted by Dr. MaYe successfully concluded. On May 10th, Dr. MaYe made a profound and simple explanation about "Surface Electromyography and Clinical Application". It mainly introduces the principle of surface electromyography, the acquisition of electromyography, the electromyogram time and frequency domain analysis techniques, and the application of myoelectricity in clinical research. On May 24th, master students such as Cai Laisi, QuanWenjing, Guan Peiqi, Shen Siqin, Gao Feiyan made keynote speeches on their own research topics. The main speeches included the reliability and validity analysis of the evaluation of upper extremity motor function based on the unmarked point Kinect system, the study of different types of running ground, the kinematics and dynamic analysis of non-heeling shoes, and the injury to sedentary body. Dr. MaYe organized students to discuss and learn.

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