The academic the Research Academy of Grand Health at April 2018

By  Zhao Xiaoxue    On  2018/06/08  In  Research & News    浏览人数: 次

In April, 2018, two academic salon of the research academy of grand health, chaired by Dr. Zhao Xiaoguang, ended successfully. On April 12, 2018, Dr. Zhao Xiaoguang made a detailed explanation on the application of Endnote software in the reference library. On April 26, seven graduate students reported their recent works under the guidance of Dr. Zhao Xiaoguang including English paper writing techniques, barefoot with running shoes, the area of the application of ultrasonic imaging in lower extremity foot, the analysis of the badminton and table tennis techniques. Students actively asked the report person about their widely concerned questions and they conducted discussions about these questions. At the same time, they lay down their formal and talked their feeling and experience in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The students had a better understanding of their scientific research direction and objectives, and had a better understanding of the postgraduate study plan.


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