The academic the Research Academy of Grand Health at March 2018

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Dr. Yu Jiabin hosted two academic salon activities in the conference room on the second floor of the Great Health Academy in March 2018. Dr. Yu conducted an academic report entitled Study on the age-related changes in the elderly walking on lower extremity dynamics and neuromuscular controlon March 15th. The report mainly focused on the problem of the fall of the elderly. He mentioned that the aging of the population has become an important social issue that all countries in the world are facing, and the aging of China’s population is even more severe. Falling as a public health issue has become an important obstacle to the independent life of the elderly, and it is the main old-age problem faced by the elderly society, and the risk of falls for the elderly is increasing with age. With age, the gait impairment caused by the deterioration of motor system function is the most direct cause of the fall of the elderly. A lot of research has been done on the biomechanical performance and neuromuscular control mechanisms of gait damage in the elderly in foreign countries. However, deeper researches are still needed. Research in this field in our country is relatively scarce. The Future Health Institute will conduct further research in the field of elderly health. The theme of the second academic salon event held on March 29th included the VICON modeling method of infrared motion capture system, the influence of different sole shapes on the plantar pressure, etc. The activity forms were reported by graduate students as PPT, and the doctoral students participated in the seminar to discuss and study.


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