Associate Professor Yaodong Gu, Associate Director of Research Academy of Grand Health Ningbo University, visited Wrocław University of Economics Poland

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From Sep.10 to Sep.15, Research Academy of Grand Health Ningbo University delegated Associate Professor Yaodong Gu to visit Wrocław University of Economics Poland. Wrocław University of Economics is ranked among the top economic schools of higher education in Poland, and an important centre of science and research. It is aimed at maintaining and strengthening the position of the university on regional, national and international levels. This visit was the first time that Wrocław University of Economics communicated with Chinese university. During the visit, Associate Professor Gu looked around the stadiums and gymnasiums in the university and gave students a lecture named” the Time of Grand Health”. During the lecture, Associate Professor Gu and students discussed about health and sports with great sense.

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