Research Academy of Grand Health, Ningbo University is depending discipline on Sports Biomechanics master degree, Sport Science doctoral form Ningbo University and University of the West of Scotland for joint development plus Medical Engineer doctoral form Ningbo University and University of the Auckland in cooperation to training. ANTA research bases of Sport Equipment and Loctek research bases of Human Body Effect as our institute research platform. We closely related ground health disciplines and laboratories as a basis, and combination to Sport Academy, Medical Academy and College of Education a part of ground health knowledge. Our academy positively introduces interdisciplinary and cross-industry research power at world, in order to established excellent cooperation between elite universities, famous academy and enterprises at world, to formed Diversity sustainable win-win model. Based on the local and global diffusion, Research Institute combines scholarship and application to create a collaborative innovation center.

Institute adhering to “realistic innovation” of science spirit, based on system design and operation management system and mechanism, positively creating academic research atmosphere with interdisciplinary integration, independence, freely ideological active; strengthening win-win cooperation mechanisms with health research institutes and related health industry and engineering industry in world; formulate a regulation related to encourage original research results of innovation, achievements in scientific research transform to commercialization and landmark research result award. We hope institute can become a demonstrated platform who to lead the health industry innovation-driven development in Zhejiang Province.

Research Academy of Grand Health always developed science, techonlogy trade and regional scientific, promoting scientific research organization model innovation. According to the “issue-oriented” and “interest-oriented” and “task-oriented” need to resolved, we need established the three type of integrated research teams through project application, delegate or tender, based on Independent laboratories or research centres with team leader for basic research and personnel training unit, that isⅠ. The full-time interdisciplinary Research team of Sport schoolⅡ. The interdisciplinary research teams of Sport Science, medicine, psychologyⅢ. The research teams of social resources with interdisciplinary and cross-industry.

The past three years, the laboratory responsible for an item of national natural science fund, four item of national social science fund item, seven items of General Administration of sport science research project item, an item of General Administration of Sport of water sports administrative center item, an item of Ministry of science and technology spark program projects, an item of provincial laboratory open foundation. We also responsible for 9 research projects form ANTA (China) limited and Loctek ergonomic Technology Corporation, research funding accumulated exceeded 2 million. Meanwhile, the laboratory obtained two State-authorized patents, 6 utility model patents, submit for one national invention patent. Cumulative research papers published more than 60 papers, which SCI, EI, ISTP contains 40 articles; CSSCI has included 22 articles, and 8 papers published authority journals in the field journals. The laboratory accumulated published 6 monographs.

The laboratory always devoted basis research about health of sport region, applicable research and core technology research and development laboratory. We has built a Sport Biomechanics Laboratory supported by Central Treasury Earmarked Financial Resources. Special finance core strength training and sports equipment research and development laboratory, and physical education and training laboratory supported by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance. The Research Academy of Ground Health has established in 2016, is the first institute on the subject of Ground and Health. The laboratory has been making a lot of fruitful work in some regions about fitness equipment, neck back and spine health, elderly sports health research, physical exercise and mental health research, sport rehabilitation and health care research, Research power level has been in the forefront of the domestic.